Monday, February 15, 2010

Instead of "Bueller...?." It's Apparently "Bridget...?"

Say what you will about Ben Stein--given the hats he he's worn, and, indeed, full-blown careers he's juggled, you could say quite a few things, though I'm not sure how many of those things would be nice. Or laudatory.

But yesterday, on "CBS Sunday Morning," Mr. Stein delivered a piece that was sort of a Valentine's Day loveletter to his dog, Bridget--but was really singing the praises of adopting an animal.

Hear, hear, Ben.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Climbing Back On The Blogging Horse in 2010--With A Glimpse At A 2009 Highlight...

If you host a radio show about animals and animal issues--as I obviously do with "Talking Animals"--there are certain icons in that world you naturally have on your wish list to one day interview.

Dr. Jane Goodall is probably atop most people's list. She certainly was mine.

So I was delighted, honored and flat-out thrilled to record an interview with Dr. Goodall in early December. You can hear our conversation, which aired Dec. 9, here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Help The Animals At This So-Called Sanctuary--Watch This Video, Contact Authorities, Spread The Word

There's nothing light, whimsical or entertaining about this blog post. There's not even a photo.

Just please watch this video

It was shot at a facility that has the nerve to use "Sanctuary" in its name--10th Life Sanctuary. It's in Clewiston, sort of a remote part of South Florida.

And using "Sanctuary" in the name is the least of its transgressions. Beyond this video, I've seen photographs taken there that shook me deeply--neglect, filth, and death.

The way I understand it, the guy who operates the place doesn't allow visitors (little wonder!), and doesn't accept volunteers! I mean, if these things alone constitute a huge red flag.

Sure enough, this is an emergency situation. I know people who've been not only deeply concerned about this facility and its treatment of animals for several months, but have alerted various county and other authorities, and apparently the response has been, in effect, the conditions there don't seem serious enough, horrifying enough, to take official action.

Knowing & seeing what goes on at this joint, that alone seems kinda frightening--but maybe if we get far more people talking, and complaining, about this, we can force some action.

So share this video, spread the word, make calls, send e-mails, let's do everything we can to help the animals at this place...before more die.

My thanks to Jodi Chemes of Florida Voices For Animals, who provided the following contact info:

Hendry County Board of County Commissioners

P O Box 1760

La Belle, FL 33975-1760

Hendry County Commissioners:

- Janet Taylor, e-mail:

- Darrell Harris, e-mail:

- Tristan Chapman, e-mail:

- Kevin McCarthy, e-mail:

- Karson Turner, e-mail:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Triumph at D.O.G. (10/16/09)

Past "Talking Animals" Guest, Uh, Triumphs Again

A momentous occasion in the annals of "Talking Animals"--for starters, it was the first (and, so far, only) instance of a talking animal being a guest--was when we aired an interview with Triumph The Insult Comic Dog on the May 9, 2005 edition of the show.

It was a typically amusing, often hilarious exchange, even as it flirted with one or more FCC violations. Semi-interestingly, at that point, "Talking Animals" was based on the West Coast, Triumph on the East Coast; now, the reverse is true.

We've adored Triumph long before that visit, and, of course, ever since. Including this recent piece he did for "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whatever The Opposite Of Whoa Nellie Would Be--That's What This Headline Is

Nellie McKay was on "Talking Animals" the other day, marking her fourth visit to the show--the most of any guest.

It makes sense, really. She's the quintessential "Talking Animals" guest, given the show's unusual mix of music, comedy, journalism, animal advocacy and more:

*She's an enormously gifted and acclaimed singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist (she released her fourth album, "Normal As Blueberry Pie: A Tribute To Doris Day" one day before this latest chat);

* She's funny. some years ago, she tried her hand at stand-up and her performances--and interviews--are often laced with sharply witty patter);

* Among her initially less obvious talents: At least one type of high-end journalism in the form of her 2007 New York Times Book Review critique of a Doris Day biography

* She's a fervently committed animal welfare advocate--and has been, as we learned in this recent interview, since her pre-adolescence--one of the essential traits she shares with Doris Day. In 2005, McKay was the recipient of the Humane Society's highly prestigious Doris Day Music Award.

The conversation touched on topics ranging from the rescue pitbulls, Hank and Bessie, that share her home--and the "Blueberry Pie" album cover--to re-explaining why, in that Times review of the Doris Day biography, she took the author to task for his repeated use of the phrase "animal lover."

Yet, we didn't come close to covering all the areas I'd hoped to--nor, it seemed, that she'd hoped to.

Stay tuned for another Nellie visit to "Talking Animals"...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Classic Equation: Dog + Ball= Happiness

Daisy is a Labrador Retriever puppy. She loves chasing--retrieving--balls. Enough said.