Thursday, May 31, 2007

Long-Time Reader, First-Time Blogger

Yes, it's true--I've joined the blogosphere. (And, yes, I know: For using the term "blogosphere" in the very first sentence of my very first post, my blogging privileges should probably be immediately suspended, at least temporarily.)

But the idea behind this "Talking Animals"-oriented blog is to address guests and topics on the radio show (currently airing on Tampa NPR station WMNF the second Wednesday of each month, at 11:30 am EST. Please visit our website: at, a variety of other animal issues, pending legislation, organizations, animal stories that have elicited significant media coverage--or should--and much more.

Some posts may be short, simple observations--like the profound bliss I feel when I step out of the house in the early morning and see wild bunnies munching on our lawn. Although the intent is for everything here to be somehow rooted in the world of animals and animal issues (much as the radio show is), who knows how far afield we may travel over time. I can safely say, though, that it'll likely be quite some time before I again use the word blogosphere...

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